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Systematic management of stock trading. Asset management, commodity and oil futures trading and speculation on cryptocurrency markets


Accessibility of direct investment (DI)

Every client becomes an architect of their prosperous future using easy access to the direct investment process and its advantages to make their investments. The confidence in the future is available today.

Asset management

Serious investment for serious investors. Uncompromised reliability of our asset management provides a hight income you can count on.

Investment portfolio PrimaryTrust

Fiat currency trading 60%

Currency pairs speculative trading in both directions of index changes with constant interventions of investment amounts by currency swap.

Cryptocurrency Trading 11%

Active cyclic trading aimed at quick capital turnover in buy-sell transactions with cryptocurrency pairs.

Binary options 21%

Stable profit on low-risk deals enables using this financial instrument on a regular basis.

Futures trading 8%

One of the types of investment placement for mid-term profit on futures.

Trust management

Guaranteed stable profit in the absence of risks and loss of funds invested