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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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  • What is the company's business?
    • Our company is the world's leader in trading processes management, one of the most innovative scopes of the investment business. We conduct direct trading using shares and securities. We manage those brokers who can do it better that any other ones while controlling expenditures and application of the invested funds.

  • How risky is it to make investments with the company?
    • Investing in our business is not risky as we are covered by investment insurance which is one of our good practices.

  • What business sectors does the company use?
    • We manage and strategically oversee traders, brokers and HF-traders who represent us in such trading directions as fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, fuel, futures, binary options, derivative trade, shares and stock, gold binary options, mining companies stock, startups and energy efficiency developments.

  • What is the most profitable business sector?
    • We do not give preference to any particular business pathway. Every month we monitor our most important strategical spheres of interest for volatility and profit growth, then we make necessary changes to the investment ratio in one or another business sector.

  • What makes you different from your competitors?
    • Incloude has developed an innovative approach for business administration where executive orders and the deal-making process are entirely left to our professional brokers. Our task is to coordinate joint efforts and correct distribution of investment funds.

  • How stable is your company?
    • Taking into account our business approach and experience, we can certainly state that our business positions on the global investment market are stable and reliable.

  • Do you pay taxes on closed deals?
    • Yes, we do. We would also like to drag your attention to the fact that tax obligations arising from the profits our clients gain with our company are a legal burden remaining with the clients themselves. The company releases any liability for their duties as taxpayers.

  • What is the legal basis for your business?
    • We have all necessary documents to fulfil our obligations and make offers to our clients. You can learn more about it in the About us section.

  • Where is your head office located?
    • The company has its HQ . The address Suite 260, 2323-32 Avenue N.E. , Calgary , Alberta T2E 6Z3, Canada is provided in the About us section. Should a necessity arise, another office, designed for appointments and conferences, may be opened.

  • Who can work with your company?
    • Because of our business specifics and informative website, any private individual of 18 years old and above may work us, receiving passive income from investments and partner rewards.


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